Kurulus osman urdu subtitles

In Kurulus Osman Episode 17, Osman Bey is still talking to the white-bearded men and talks about the current events that are happening in the world. According to the white-bearded head, all the men who like justice and goodness are scattered from each other. Gunduz Bey makes a plan to protect plain from a possible attack. Bamsi bey meets Gunduz and explains the situations of Sogut.

Alisar Bey comes in the plain with the soldiers of Seljuk. Aygul becomes furious with her mother and says you are responsible for brother death. But Zohre Hatun says she will take avenge from Osman. Alisar Bey gives some offers to Gunduz that is to fight against Balgay. Alisar Bey reveals that he wants enmity between Balgay and Geyhatu. Bala informs Selcan, the presence of Alisar Bey in the plain. Osman Bey makes a plan to kidnap Princess Adelfa. Bamsi comes to know that Abdurrahman gets an injury and set off to meet him secretly.

Bamsi Bey prays to Allah for the health of Abdurrahman and thinks to spread false news about the death of Abdurrahman until his healing wound. But a lady in the car speaks that she is not Adelfa. While a soldier tries to kill that lady. On the other side, Balgay also thinks to kidnap Adelfa. Cerkutay comes to Balgay and tells that what Osman wants.

Balgay thinks to wait for Osman to take Adelfa and then he will take princess from him. Salvador says to Sophia that he wants to go to the forest to search for Osman. Gunduz Bey goes to meet Abdurrahman and talks to Bamsi and comes to know that Osman is on the right path. He tells them that we will use Dundar bey to finish Alisar bey. Aygul and Zohre go to the mansion of Alisar Bey and they look Dundar there safe. Who was Bala Hatun will she marry to Osman Ghazi and has a baby?

Salvador goes to the forest and leaves a hidden message on a tree secretly from other soldiers. One of pious man takes this message and goes to Bamsi. Osman Bey sees that Byzantine men are handing over the Adelfa to the Mongols and think to snatch Princess Adelfa from them.

Osman Bey attacks to the Mongols. Princess Adelfa gets this opportunity and flees away. Balgay was watching the whole situation.Yannis orders his soldiers to search Sophia, but Osman comes to meet him. Osman Bey shows and gives a sword of Princess Sophia and says she is in his custody.

Yannis asks Osman how can he save Sophia? Meanwhile, Princess Sophia is a prisoner of the Turks.

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During this Sophia attacks the guard and then tries to attack Bala Hatun. Bala Hatun overcomes to Sophia and squeezes her neck. Osman tells his whole plan to Yannis and says he will invade Balgay on the way to Inegol. Dundar bey orders his troops to find Gunduz and goes to talk Balgay.

Osman Bey goes to the Alps and says Yannis has accepted his offer.

Kurulus Osman English

Erkut meets Osman and tells that Gunduz has been captured. Selcan questions Zohre and wants to know the truth. Cerkutay still tortures Gunduz. Osman Bey with his Alps reaches near to Mongols and makes a plan to invade. Balgay enters the castle and begins discussing with Yannis. Yannis tells that Tekfurs will follow to Balgay and leaves gifts for Balgay. Yannis wishes to capture Osman alive. Osman bey, Samsa, and Bamsi are captured by Mongolian and take them to the campsite.

Gunduz looks Osman and questions what are you doing here? Cerkutay meets Osman and tells him he will die with Gunduz. Osman and his Alps invades on the Mongols and fight starts.

Alisar bey sees a war of Osman and says Osman is a brave man. The Alps erase all Mongols men one by one. Cerkutay recognizes that they have lost the war, he thinks to escape.

But Osman Bey chases and stops him. The fight is started between Osman and Cerkutay, but Cerkutay is defeated by Osman, but soldiers of Mongols help him to run away. Osman Bey says to Gunduz to go before Balgay arrivals. Kongar talks to konur and speaks he is very shameful of his act. He says he will tell everything to Osman in time and Osman will understand the situation. Dundar Bey enters the headquarters of Mongols and comes to know that the soldiers of Mongols are dead.

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Osman Bey tells his uncle that he has saved Gunduz Bey. Osman Bey says to his uncle that he sold his father seat to Mongols, but Dundar Bey replies he did this only to save him and tribe, but the Alps disagree with him. Osman replies we will pay the blood of our martyrs.

kurulus osman urdu subtitles

Alisar Bey helps Batur in escaping. Balgay comes back to his headquarters and Dundar sees him. He tells to Balgay that Osman has been killed Mongols soldiers and says to help for catching him.

Kurulus osman ep 1 urdu

Balgay gives an order to his men to catch Osman Bey. Alisar Bey becomes furious and squeezes his throat and kills Batur.I know well He will not accept, kurulus Osman episode 15 Urdu subtitle Not just sling. How can he do that?

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So that no one can hurt you again. With wooden swords. Finally, I have been able to hold your hands. I will not let you go, brother. Thank you, brother. Thank you, my brother. O, Allah! Are you scared of your master who catches you?

An angry bandage? Wait, my son. It has signed the Death Wish. Ah, Usman, ah. Are you,kurulus Osman episode 15 English subtitle You did what you wanted to do, uncle.

kurulus osman urdu subtitles

Then you sat on it. I did this for our tribe. With your best wishes for hell, Lordless. If you had injured us with a weapon tied to your waist …kurulus Osman episode 15 Urdu subtitle So we still respect you. We will pay for it with the blood of our martyrs. We will not allow my father to conquer the land … Neither by sacrifice nor for sale.

Kill everyone. I told you not to do it. I need a living creature. Like your order, my chief. He has gone that way. Come this way. You will lose it on the river. Runaway This is not a clue. This is someone else.

Kurulus Osman Urdu

Who can it be? Thank God, we have no martyr, my chief. Style Night mode. All Rights Reserved. Server 1.Osman, chasing after the killers, comes to the nose with the nuns who saved himself in the swamp. Will Osman find out who the nuns actually are? Will Sofia and Kalanoz capture Osman? Or will Osman find the killers of Giorgopolos and get out of the castle?

He gave his name to the greatest empire in history that resisted slavery with freedom. The rebellion against the corrupt system that broke 72 nations, hope for the silent cry of the oppressed was the name of the Organization….

Foundation Osman is the story of a march froma tent tent to a world empire founded with divine love. Just a reminder, this website does not host any videos. We found the episode on Facebook for you to enjoy.

He would ignite the fire of gas and freedom with his black eyes. The rebellion against the corrupt system that broke 72 nations, hope for the silent cry of the oppressed was the name of the Organization… Foundation Osman is the story of a march froma tent tent to a world empire founded with divine love Donate towards translation l Support Click Here To Donate Sponsored by l Niswa Fashion Click Here To View Their Website Just a reminder, this website does not host any videos.Allah is the greatest!

Allah is the one! Iron is beat o It is a gift for my Aybars' wedding, Bamsi Bey. It'll be done until tomorrow night. I always keep my promises. Those years My Osman and Aybars grew up, they became brothers. We are going on the same path that you and my father Ertugrul Bey led us to, Bamsi Bey. Thanks to my Rab, I am seeing these days MashaAllah to my valiant. Do you think our Ertugrul Bey will come back from Konya with good news?

Will the Sultan accept his offer? We flared this oven's fire up in Malazgirt with our ancestor Alparslan, my Bamsi Bey. We always stood against the infidels. We fought continually to call these lands our "homeland" Now we will turn this flower into a sycamore. We will turn the enemies into a shes with that fire. No matter what news comes from Konya I will never let my father's flag down on the ground. May my Rab witness, I, and my children, will fight to take this blessed flag to everywhere around the world.

MashAllah to my valiant, I can die peacefully as I heard these words. Apparently, our Ertugrul Bey's oven is already flared up. Look at that sickness, while I already have my Ertugrul Bey's burden on my shoulders, Hatun. Tough stones have dusts on it. You are Dundar Bey. EvelAllah you can succeed everything. Everyone looks, my brother Ertugrul Bey sees it. We are now collecting the seeds which were planted 25 years ago.

This agreement will bring peace, Hatun. Don't underestimate yourself Diindar Bey. Road is not taken with passengers but companions. What would happen if you acted the same with Gundogdu and Sungurtekin Bey?

You gave your shoulders, so Ertugrul Bey built an order.

kurulus osman urdu subtitles

Everyone might have strength.Be my Sanjak Bey, rule the world. Bangay speaks only once. And after he speaks, mountains shake. Mountains and stones obey. Don't you know we challenged all the rulers of the world? I'm telling you that I want every piece of soil including the seas.

Every castle, every city, and in the end, Constantine. Your greed dazzles many idiots. But I will teach you that the blood in my veins doesn't obey anyone.


How dare you How dare you stand infront of me and talk like this, Osman Bey? Obey me, Osman. Obey, so your Alps will smell blood, not goats. The day I obey you will be the day the Turks law dies. Your laws are the dirt under my boot. And dead bodies resembling you are the rug in my hall of my tent. Either death, or obedience. Either the shahada or freedom!

Kurulus Osman With Urdu Subtitles Episode 15

Tell your grasshoppers to bring us water. We are thirsty as we beat you hard. You will lick the dirt on my boots, Turk! Your thirst will end. We will see if you can talk like this while my sword is dancing in your heart. Dundar Bey! My Gunduz! Bamsi Bey. Where is Osman? How is my brother, Bamsi Bey? He is talking with Balgay.

Balgay wants something from Osman. My Giinduz, how is our tribe? They are there.

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But the tribe's reputation is ruined. I don't know how we will live with this disgrace.Updated: Dec 13, Did Constantin's and Nikea's wealth come to an end? Did you come here for treasures? Don't speak, woman! Don't touch her! Boran brother, everyone on this land and border will know. If someone betrays Ertugrul Gazi's son Osman, he will end up like this.

If I were silent to this betrayal, how would I go out as a man, an Alp? If I didn't punish my uncle's son today, if I discriminated traitors, would my father's efforts and my mother's milk be halal? EyvAllah my Bey. We'd sacrifice ourselves for your justice. What are we going to do now, my Bey?

I didn't shed this blood to show off, Konur Alp. Whoever stands infront of us will end up like this, no matter if it's my brother or uncle. Everyone will know that. My son He tried to kill me mother.

kurulus osman urdu subtitles

Nothing will happen to you my valiant. Don't worry, your mother's hands will heal you. He wanted to kill me, mother. Bring the towels, Burqin! Nothing will happen to my brother, right mother? Kayi Hatuns are used to blood. It's not the time to cry. Go wash these towels.

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